For more successful gardening and landscaping, always start with the right soil. We carry a planter’s mix (an amended topsoil made of compost, humus, and topsoil). You can also get green topsoil and state certified A1 OrganicsĀ® compost, which promotes healthy growth. Learn more.


We will help you retain moisture, reduce erosion, and suppress weed growth with our great selection of mulches. At Lee Hill Peat, you will find redwood, Washington cedar, Western red cedar, pine, dyed brown, and humus mulches, enriched with nutrients. learn more.


Rock beds are a beautiful and low maintenance way to cover your beds. Dress up your landscaping and protect it from damage with all types of rocks.Ā  Come to Lee Hill Peat for a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to suit your landscaping needs. Learn more.